Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kjaerhus Audio Classic Effects

The Kjaerhus Gold and Mastering Series are well known for their excelent, well designed sound and mastering vst plugin device lines. The Kjaerhus Classic line of audio effects is probably the best that you will find for free. These nine units rival many of the better and much more expensive VST signal processing effects on the market.
The Classic series consists of:
1. Classic Auto Filter
2. Classic Chorus
3. Classic Compressor
4. Classic Delay
5. Classic EQ
6. Classic Flanger
7. Classic Master Limiter
8. Classic Phaser
9. Classic Reverb

These are all relatively basic and easy to use units with simple control setups and a small selection of presets. Simple compared to their big brothers in the Golde series, but they still render well and deliver that high quality Kjaerhus sound. They also cover all the basic effect devices that you will need for your mixdowns and home recording sessions.

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